Why mindset is everything

Brother Saruul
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Thought is energy, feeling is energy. Whatever you think and feel, you become that literally because you are full of that energy. Your energy canal system fills with those thoughts and feelings and that energy system dictates what you will further think and be. The mind, conscious, subconscious all don’t know what is real or an illusion. These are just thinking and feeling machines, they don’t have their own intelligence to distinguish what is real or not. Whatever you feed it, it will believe it.

Let’s take two people with different mindsets for example. One has the mindset of doing everything as best as he can and wants to and enjoys that process, hard-work because he believes that he can only learn as much as he tries and does. He believes in doing harder stuff, he can always learn better, more. While, the other guy’s motto is YOLO, does whatever he feels like and doesn’t do well on those tasks that he needs to do: fine with bare minimum. However, this group of people also want to excel in everything. It is the human desire to always want better for themselves, better clothes, better materials, better friends, better job, better life…etc yet these people shy away from all of the required actions, works, thinking processes, plannings..etc because it is also one of the human desires to be lazy, to take the easier route…etc. Then, imagine these two people immersed in their different thought patterns and the accompanying energy. Imagine their energy body full of their dominating thoughts, no space for different thoughts. Imagine how different their energy system would look. Imagine the different courses of actions they will take based on their energy body. Imagine for a sec, all these….

I don’t know why but whatever thought that person is oozing he/she either consciously or subconsciously do related things and tasks that make their goal little more closer. If I a guy is thinking about drinking tonight, he more likely goes out and drinks . If I guys is thinking about quitting his job, he focuses more on the factors that give weight to the thought of giving up than the opposite factors and more likely to quit the job. If I a guy thinks he is not good enough, he naturally doesn’t perform well enough. If I a guy thinks he is lazy, he is more likely to be lazy. If a guy feels and think of sorrow, he becomes a source of sorrow. If a guy thinks he doesn’t know himself, he believes that and doesn’t think he knows himself. You get the idea, whatever the thought he is full of, he does that. As simple is that. Then, conflict arises. Staying healthy and going to the gym requires much work and discipline than eating whatever and staying on the couch. One requires a lot of action and energy while the others requires nothing but to exist and breathe. Even if a person wants the prior but the latter desires win and fills his energy body, he won’t go to the gym.

This is one of the if not the best, human capabilities. It is a wonder of a man and woman, biggest factor that distinguishes a human being than that of animals, insects and plants that operate purely out of their genetic codes and instincts. A man/woman can think and feel whatever he/she wants. It’s a fact. Just try it now. Think about feeling good about yourself and really believe in that feeling, no faking. Think about the best time you have had in the recent times…. See and realize how much your inside energy body changes. Think about that last intimate moment you shared with your S.O, and realize how excited your energy becomes, how it feels naughty, and how your blood circuit goes faster, how lively you feel and become. If used right it can be a miracle creating machine, if used wrong it can be misery creating machine. If someone is full of negative energy and thoughts, that person’s energy will destroy him/her sooner or later. It’s all about what thought and energy you are filling your energy system with.

There is a study that says that on a daily basis, only 2% of our total decisions are made consciously while the rest, 98% are decided subconsciously. In other words,we don’t necessarily realize the decisions we make 98% of the time, daily. Also, in other words, we don’t really realize or are aware of who we are, what kind of thoughts, behaviors, feelings we are carrying. Therefore, the first step to getting the things you want to be done well is to observe your energy and thought system, the thoughts it is sustaining and holding. Learn to dis-identify with your mind for a moment, get out of your mind, then see those thoughts in your energy system and leave the good and kick out the bad. It’s like cleaning the house but in your mind. Then, second step is to fill it with more better and positive, effective thoughts so that it will have no room for other uninvited thoughts. Then, lastly, it is a matter of making these 2-process a habit until it becomes a habit to only sustain the good, flexible, necessary-at-the-moment, thoughts. Sounds pretty simple but applying it would be hard in real life because of your different habit you have been sustaining all these years. We are talking about getting rid of a habit that was with us all these year 20, 30 you name it and replacing with a completely new habit. But still can be done tho! Worth a try! You never know if you can do it unless you actually do it.

Little side note about the best mindset since it is related to the topic discussed above. To me, there are 4 categories.

  • Fuck this shit, I am out, I give up (although he wants to do it)
  • I will do it no matter what. In this mindset, he still don’t wanna do it but willing to be done with a result he thinks good enough despite all the torture of constantly “whipping” himself. This usually results either in a huge stressed condition or a lot of mental effort, exhausts a lot of energy because he is always in conflict in this “whipping” mode. One side of him doesn’t want him to do it while the other side of him is punishing him to finish it no matter what.
  • The unfazed. He is not fazed by the difficulties, the challenges, and gets the job done. He has no feelings, he is a cold blooded performer. Usually, this mindset results in a much greater outcome/performance, the mind blocks all the emotions/feelings. Even though, he is not fazed by the difficulties he also doesn’t know how to feel good, happy, joyful…etc. He doesn’t lose just the ability to feel bad but also to feel good. This is what happened to me in the academy. As my natural self-defense mechanism against the stresses I had, I subconsciously or naturally developed a blocking system that doesn’t let any emotion to enter my energy body. As a result, I felt almost nothing when I graduated; I neither felt good/accomplished or bad, just nothing. This makes life really dry and boring like a black and white melancholy picture of a countryside.
  • The last, the best mindset is to enjoy the difficulties, have fun with the challenges that come with fulfilling his goal, play with the problems. This guy with his energy canal system full of this thinking and mindset, finds the reasons those challenges can be fascinating, focuses more on the doing than the outcome and as a result of joyful process of performing, the outcome is always far better.

And, as my last theory, anyone has the capability to release himself from any thought dominated energy body and bring in whatever the thought he wants. I call it the principle of being an “empty” cup. If a cup is filled with coffee, it gives coffee to the drinker. If a cup is filled with ice-tea, it gives ice-tea to the drinker. If a person wants to drink a coffee but the only cup available is full of ice-tea, the drinker can pour the ice-tea down the drain and fill the cup with the coffee. The same process can be executed on your energy/thought cup. To do that, you just have to get out of yourself, see yourself objectively, have balls to admit the faulty thoughts and start the necessary action to remove the bad and add the better. That’s it. This simple.



Brother Saruul

A man shall be a Warrior, a Scholar, and a Monk. Warrior faces his enemies. Scholar cultivates sharp and clear mind. Monk is the master of self.