There is no road

Brother Saruul
1 min readDec 26, 2020



In search of a road, you will miss it
In search of a destination, you will never find it
Drop all of your searching, and you will find it
Drop everything at once, and you will mind it

Let go of everything but do not go to sleep
Leave everything to the side, but do not blink
Intense but not tense, Relaxed but not lax
Pay attention to what would be left

Only then you may be free of your unconsciousness
In that moment of liberation,
You may realize what you have been missing
You may find what you have been seeking

This process may sound too simple
But in simplicity, perfection exists
You don’t need to believe in me
But just give it a try

Once you experience the nothingness
Once you hear the complete silence
You will understand that there is no road
But there is only the current moment



Brother Saruul

A man shall be a Warrior, a Scholar, and a Monk. Warrior faces his enemies. Scholar cultivates sharp and clear mind. Monk is the master of self.