Brother Saruul
1 min readDec 13, 2021


I appreciate this very moment happening right now

I appreciate my family, friends, and all of the people that I have met for being there, making my life richer

I appreciate the universe for existing and creating this very world for us to live in it, taste it, smell it, sing it

I appreciate my organs for doing their job everyday without asking for anything else

I appreciate my feelings for enriching my life

I appreciate my mind for working 247 to reach our goals though we don’t know shit, though we have disagreements and fights here and there, you have been there for me since the day 1

I appreciate all of the difficulties that I endured for teaching me those invaluable lessons and making me who I am today

I appreciate the devil for teaching me hard lessons through hardship. Without you I would never have been complete

I appreciate the time and space for being there allowing the whole universe occupy you, use you. You have never asked for anything else in return

I appreciate this very pen I am holding, this very notebook I am writing on for allowing me to leave my legacy



Brother Saruul

A man shall be a Warrior, a Scholar, and a Monk. Warrior faces his enemies. Scholar cultivates sharp and clear mind. Monk is the master of self.