God-like Mentality, Literally

Brother Saruul
6 min readNov 26, 2020


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God-like mentality is a mentality that doesn’t budge. Contrary to the popular belief, such mentality is not sturdy or a calloused mind. It is beyond that. It can’t be broken meanwhile anything that is sturdy is susceptible to be broken if the applied force is enough. So, what can’t be broken? Water, air, void. Just like Bruce Lee said, water can’t be broken. Why it doesn’t break? It doesn’t break because it doesn’t resist against the force; rather, it embraces the force, lets the force go through it, then lets it go while maintaining its form.

You see, in our lives, we go through numerous amounts of forces on a daily basis. You get stuck in a traffic-jam, you feel bad but then, instead of embracing the bad feeling, we fight against it. And, the more you give attention to it, the harder you feel like you have to fight back to overcome the bad feeling. But, the thing is, the world at large, is mostly out of our control. Most of the happenings in our daily lives are produced by something other than ourselves. And, these happenings would be “bad” or “good” depending on how we perceive them. How you interpret these happenings dictate the forces you would feel. For example, rain. If it has been raining for a long time, we despise the rain and if we had a dry season, we would be out of our seats when it starts to pour.

Although, we can’t control the external forces, we are 100% in control of our inner being. We control how we perceive events, we control how we feel. The god-like mentality is about maintaining your inner peace despite whatever forces and happenings that are coming to your lives. It is not about escaping the tough shit, it is not about being sturdy or tough on our part, it is not about fighting back and holding your ground, no, no, no, no, nothing like that. In fact, this is a pitiful existence. Instead of trying to fight against these forces, we are just gonna allow them like how water allows them to go through it. We are not gonna try to run away or escape from these forces, we will just embrace them like water. Let them come, let them go through us, then let them go. That’s it. Simple as that. Another metaphor is of a sharp blade. It is soo sharp that there is no residue stuck to it whenever it cuts trough any object. So much so that the object doesn’t even realize that it has been slashed.

Now, the next point, Below is a picture of a pendulum.

source: https://byjus.com/physics/changing-the-period-of-a-pendulum/

The pendulum swings high to the left, swings high to the right, then swings high back to the left and the cycle goes on forever. Us reacting to both of the good and the bad forces that we are exposed to can be modeled like the above pendulum always swinging in between the two highs but never at the center. The tip of the swing is always the fastest when it is in the middle and tend to stay longer at the two peaks. That’s us, always reacting to the events and letting our mood get butchered all the time, never in the middle always at the two peaks or in between.

Both the good and the bad are the ugly. When we get too excited or happy, we are too emotional to be rational, make promises that we can’t keep, tend to overlook the details and are overzealous; as a result, we tend to make mistakes. On the other hand, when we are in rage, we get too emotional again, make some rash and stupid decisions, act out of emotions, and usually the performance goes to shit. Therefore, you want to stay in the middle, not swinging to the two peaks despite whatever happens to us. That’s a god-like mentality right there. When wind blows the pendulum, it is gonna let it blow it until it cannot blow anymore then comes back to the middle. This is how you actually control your inner-being without trying to control it. Any stability that is due to any kind of exerted force is destined to fail when the applied force cannot be exerted anymore. But, when the things are left to their own devices, then they find their ways to come back to the middle, the stability on their own.

In reality, what we do is the complete opposite. When we feel like shit, we start chasing instant highs. Do you see how we are always swinging in between the two peaks never at the middle because we see the middle as the boredom or whatever. And this is the worst kind of coping mechanism, I would say. Do you see how we sabotage ourselves in this scenario? Do you see how we are letting ourselves be controlled by the events? Do you see how one stupid decision leads to an another stupid decision and we are forever stuck in this loop of misery? No wonder there is so much misery despite the technological advancement and the convenience we have achieved as human beings. No wonder there is so much demand for drugs, alcohol, medications and stuff like that.

Lastly, do not confuse this god-like mentality with self-suppression. You can suppress any kind of emotions you feel before they affect you by turning off your emotion receiver. It can be done but keep in mind that the emotions are what give our lives its spices. Without emotions, there would only rationality and logic be left. Such is the utmost bore of a living. You don’t want that. Like I said earlier, you want to embrace the emotions, let them go through your mind and heart, then when it is time to let them go, you let them go so that you come back to your inner peace. You are 100% in control of how long you want to feel those emotions and the moment you let them go.

If you can achieve this god-like inner mentality, literally nothing will be impossible to you. If you feel lazy and you have shit to do, you can just let go of that feeling of laziness and finish your work. If you feel angry, you just let it go and come back to your inner peace. If you feel like you can’t do something, you just let that feeling of helplessness, then go after whatever it is. You get the idea. Literally, no emotions induced by the external forces can affect you in this state of being; hence, the name — god-like mentality.

Now, how do you do it? How do you learn to let go? Easy. Cultivate your awareness by meditating. When you are meditating, do not force anything, let everything be, DO NOT try to do anything. Then the chatter comes and starts chit-chatting all sorts of random shit. Do not try to stop the chatter. Let it chat. Let it say whatever it wants to say. You will be only focused on watching the chatter without any judgement. Just watch it. Watch it in your awareness. Just be aware of the chatter. When you can do this, then the chatter eventually stops. And, the only thing left is complete silence. That is the awareness. That realization of the inner-silence is the awareness.

Then, with this cultivated awareness, the next time some external forces come in and you start reacting to it like you reacted always before but this time, your awareness will be aware of your subconscious reaction in the middle of its actions and will make the difference. It is like a radar, always scanning in the background. It has been like this, it has been scanning since you were born but you just forgot about it and lost touch with it for not using it and for not being aware of it for however many years. But now, you have realized it by doing meditation. Now that you know its existence and its function in your mind, you can then quickly realize its doing when it finds new events happening. It is like slowly leaving the passenger seat and switching to the driver’s seat. But in reality, you have always been in the driver’s seat; you just forgot it and made a false sense of reality in which you cannot help but stay in the passenger’s seat. However, after having realized your reality and learning about your awareness, you will start being aware of every small things that are happening. Before you cultivated your awareness, we thought we were not in control, we thought we were forever slaves to our subconsciousness and its doings. Not anymore, sucker! That’s it. This is the God-Like mentality, Literally.



Brother Saruul

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