Escaping the prison

Brother Saruul
4 min readDec 15, 2020

Escaping the prison of uninvited thoughts

Escaping the prison of uninvited emotions

Escaping the prison of unintentional habits

Escaping the prison of un-realized ignorance

Escaping the prison of unwanted personalities

Escaping the prison of fear, worry, anxiety, ego

Escaping the prison of seeking happiness, seeking only the good

Escaping the prison of desire, lust

Escaping the prison of addiction

Escaping the prison of time

Escaping the prison of the mind

Escaping the prison of genetics

Escaping the prison of karma

Escaping the prison of illusions YOU have built for yourself

It is about damn time we put an end to this nonsense, come out of our own imprisonment and begin living freely in the free world instead of only spending time inside of our own prison cells thinking that we are actually living while being slaves to our minds and chasing whatever we desire.

We, as human beings, were given the gift of higher level of consciousness which other creatures, other forms of lives on earth don’t posses. This thing called consciousness has the capability of either enhancing or destroying our lives. Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree as the serpent suggested and were given consciousness. They realized they were naked and felt defenseless, exposed; so, they covered themselves with clothes. They were exposed to the reality all of a sudden due to the consciousness. They felt emotions like misery and pain or the opposite-joyfulness for the first time. That was the power of consciousness. (The story of Adam and Eve isn’t literal but more of a metaphor).

If not used and sharpened often, consciousness becomes unconsciousness and the root of all misery. By looking at the general psychological well-being of the humanity of today, it seems we have lost control of our consciousness and became slaves of our unconsciousness. The more luxury, comfort and convenience are achieved by virtue of advancement in the science and technology, the more we lose touch with our consciousnesses and lose ourselves in the meantime.

The body desires such as eating, sex, the mental desires such as fame, material wealth, the body memories such as the shape of your nose, the mental memories that have been gathered and collected all these years based on your impressions are all created and happened in the past. It is about time we move on from the past. To break free from the dictatorship of unconsciousness, we need to wake up our consciousness. It has been unused for so long that there is a thick layer of dust settled on it. At first, it may not start and work, you even may need to figure out how to start it at the first place. That is the journey of starting to break free from your own cell of imprisonment. If you do nothing about it, you will stay in your cell forever.

The thing is for now you don’t know you are living in a prison cell. Your eyes open and perceiving the images of the cell but your mind is not receiving the signal. It denies the reality to believe in its own lies. Otherwise, it cannot believe in its lies. Your mind has already decorated your prison cell with illusionary vibrant colors of rainbows and ponies. Try to walk to the edge of the room; only then, you will face the reality by touching and becoming aware of the wall. If it weren’t a cell, you wouldn’t have touched anything.

I tell you what: discipline is bullshit, willpower is bullshit, courage is bullshit, confidence is bullshit, everything is bullshit. If you are not afraid of the consequence, you don’t need confidence to overpower your anxiety in order to act. If you are not fearful, you don’t need courage to act. If you are feeling lazy, you don’t need willpower. Why bother trying to improve all of these qualities when you can destroy the very thing that creates the need for them? All these feelings such as anxiety, laziness, and fear are all created within you by your mind. The mind is imprisoning you. If you learn to be detached from all of these bullshit feelings and emotions, you don’t need courage to do anything so forth and so on.

The true liberated person can’t be caught. He is neither positive nor negative, he is neither courageous nor fearful, he is neither lazy nor industrious, he is neither confident nor unconfident, he is just he IS and that’s it. He simply don’t belong to any limit because he has transcended the illusions of the duality. There is no good or bad in him but he accepts every emotion, thought and feeling. He doesn’t discriminate. Emotions and feelings come and go and he just goes through them. The emotions and feelings can’t stuck to him because he is formless, shapeless yet he is fully alive and present in the moment. He is the one who has escaped from his imprisonment by becoming aware of the reality and is just gone forever. Now, the past or the future doesn’t dictate his actions, emotions, and state of being unconsciously, rather he is now in full control of his life and ready to play with it however he wants to. Such is the man of no ego, a man who escaped the loop of karma, a man who achieved nirvana, the Buddha, the Jesus, the God, the Consciousness, that which created and is the source of everything, the Universal Intelligence or whatever the name you want to call it. That’s it and nothing else. It is this simple. But it seems the simplest concepts are the hardest to understand because of the imprisonment of the ego, of the ignorance…



Brother Saruul

A man shall be a Warrior, a Scholar, and a Monk. Warrior faces his enemies. Scholar cultivates sharp and clear mind. Monk is the master of self.